Paint Basement Paneling

Mar 10th
Waterproof Basement Paneling
Waterproof Basement Paneling

Basement paneling – Painting the basement panels instead of pulling it out and installing drywall is a much faster and more economical home improvement choice. Everyone does not have the necessary plasterboard skills, and in some areas licenses and inspections are needed for plaster. Fortunately, although your panels have the typical garment grooves, two layers of solid color paint will act as an effective camouflage in a distance.

So, to paint basement paneling, starting with wipe the basement cladding down with a cloth dipped in a simple cleaning solution such as hot water and a few drops of detergent. Let dry thoroughly. Prepare the garment surface either for grinding it using a chemical degreaser or using a primer. Using a surface primer with a brush and roller will be the easiest and fastest method of cooking. Tape from the floor, trim, ceiling and door jambs using painter tape. Also spread out drop clothes or tape the newspaper down to protect the floor near the walls.

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Use a brush to “cut in” paint along the edge of the walls where a roll will not fit. Roll the paint on the basement garment using a high-wrap roll on a roll extension stick. A roll with a thick pile will effectively spread paint in the grooves and texture of panels without having to re-roll excessively. Good advice and warnings: Some people choose to fill grooves in their basement paneling with putty, plaster or wood filler in the same way. As a hole from a wall blanket or a small wall crack would be filled before priming and painting.

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