Kitchen Floor Tiles for Small Kitchen

Sep 11th
Wooden Kitchen Tiles Backsplash
Wooden Kitchen Tiles Backsplash

Kitchen floor tiles can be an exciting time. A new floor can replace an old and ugly floor, which offers a new chance to make the kitchen attractive and more functional. In a small kitchen you have the added benefit of having money for a more expensive tile because you don’t need as much tile for the floor. The extra 10 percent is for cuts and crimes or loss. Extra plates on the hand are better than running out before the floor is finished which sometimes the same tile will be out of stock or otherwise not available. Very large tiles are usually more expensive than smaller and more common tile sizes.


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Search plates are available in the colors you prefer and in price range you can afford. Don’t be shy about choosing a pattern or a tile that is not a uniform color. Adding design patterns or using spotted floor tiles can significantly increase the appearance of the floor. Often a uniform color, all white or all beige floors look cool, flat and dull. Sometimes by adding a simple border tile a whole floor will look more modern and elegant. By mixing sizes and colors, a floor can look much more expensive and custom.


Look at the structure of the tiles you are attracted to. Slate tiles can have an uneven surface. Other tiles have bubble holes or are designed to appear worn and old. Some tiles are uneven because they are handmade. Kitchen floor tiles should provide some grip because they can get wet. Think the look and function of tile texture as an important factor in your choice. Strong texture tiles are often only sold in a limited size and shape, which can limit your design choices.

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