Installing Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas

Mar 27th
Wood Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas
Wood Inexpensive Basement Flooring Ideas

Inexpensive basement flooring ideas increases the value of your home by turning a storage space into a useful room. A tiled floor is very durable and provides a certain degree of sound insulation as well. Tiles can be laid over a sealed concrete floor or a plywood subfloor covered with cement on board. This project can normally be completed over a weekend, and most of the special equipment can be rented if needed.


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Tiling the basement floor

Seal the floor if it is concrete or install inexpensive basement flooring ideas over a plywood subfloor. Sweep carefully and make sure that there are no screw heads protruding that can cause irregularities. Mark the middle of the floor, and pop chalk lines to form a square of square 1/8 inch larger than the tiles. Mix thin set mortar with water in a deep bucket using a paddle until it is the consequence of hard whipped cream. Apply a small amount to the back of the first washer and place it in place 1/8 inch from the center marker lines.

Continue tiling in all directions until you reach the perimeter of the room. Cut edges with a wet saw or scratch cutter to fit along walls. Inexpensive basement flooring ideas with a wet sponge to remove any thin set that may seep between them. Let it thin-set to dry overnight. Mix grout with water in small batches, thoroughly mix lumps until it is the consequence of soft butter. Use a rubber-edged trowel held at a 45-degree angle to force grout into the joints. Wait 10 minutes, and then remove the excess with a damp sponge, rinsing the sponge after each sweep.

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