How to Change Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Apr 14th
Traditional Big Kitchen Lighting
Traditional Big Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen ceiling lights usually has a hood that is flush mounted on the ceiling. A rod or chain runs through the canopy. At the end of the chain hang light sockets and the decorative fixture. In this way the light is suspended under the ceiling itself. If any of these components breaks down, the entire fixture may need to be replaced. Fortunately, replacing a ceiling light does not take too long, as long as you have enough strength to keep the ceiling light and can reach the ceiling.


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Turn off the power to the suspended kitchen ceiling lights by changing the appropriate switch off. Set up the ladder under the suspended light and climb it with your circuit tester and a wrench. If suspended light was broken, test that the circuit has not been shorted in the tree crowns by testing the volt tree crowns with circuit probes. This is a safety measure. If your circuit tester reads 0, use the wrench to loosen the cap nut that holds the chapel in the ceiling by turning counterclockwise.

Let the canopy dangle down on the chain or down the bar and note the lines below the cross bar that hold suspended luminaires on the ceiling. There should be pairs of white and black threads. A green or scaled cable from the ceiling can be connected to a screw on the cross beam, or a green wire from the luminaire. Use circuit tests to see all these circuits read 0. Use the wire of the hot, or black, cables to test the circuit. Note that the black cable from the ceiling may be red, but it is still hot wire.

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