DIY Ideas for Concrete Patio Designs

Mar 6th
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Concrete Patio Designs – Choosing what style of concrete patio you want to install includes focusing on what you want from your patio. Due to the versatility of the concrete, you can get almost any color, shape and size of the patio that suits your personal style. Some ideas are more labor-intensive than others, and you may want to consult a professional if you are not familiar with some of the techniques and applications.

Poured concrete patios are simply concrete slabs that make up your patio area. They are easy to dress up or down, either with garden plants or hardscape materials such as decorative fences. Pouring a concrete patio is also one of the simplest and most basic forms of concrete courtyards. When you pour a patio, the things you will have to do include leveling the ground where the yard will be, setting out the perimeters, mixing and pouring the concrete and then simply allowing it to cure. Problems that sometimes arise with pouring concrete patios is that if it is not well leveled or water causes a crack, you will more than likely have to remove and re-make a large part of the patio.

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Stamped concrete involves the same process as pouring a concrete patio unless it is sealed with concrete seals before it is completely cured. There are many different designs of concrete seals, including ones that will make the patio seem to be bricks, pavers, and even other designs. This form can be less expensive and that the installation of concrete blocks or paving blocks of great intensity of workmanship, but it will give a very similar aspect. Because it is still a concrete slab poured, you may encounter problems with cracks and damage.

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