Components of the Porch Handrails

Jan 17th
Porch Handrails

Porch Handrails – Wooden porches or terraces grace the front of many houses and create a feeling of welcome-home. Porch wood railings are available in many styles and can be painted in basic white or colored patterns. Cypress wood is recognized as the best type of wood for outside porches. Cypress has the paint very well and is resistant to the effects of aging and decay. It is recommended that the entire wood porch prepared first before painting. It can be used with an oil base or latex paint. However, always use the same type of paint when painting or touching on wood. Change oil base and latex paint will peel.

Columns or porch posts extend from the roof of the porch to the porch floor and support the roof of the porch. Just join the porch posts. The messages are available in many styles such as square, rounded or profusely carved. Messages are placed on the corners of the porch and uniformly spaced along the front of the porch.

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There are two porch handrails, the railing at the base, (axles are attached to the railing at the base) and the upper handrail that covers the railing base. Porch railings provide a safety barrier along the porches. The handrails are available in various styles. Whether square, rounded or carved with details, handrails offer support and delineate the perimeter of the porticos.

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