Choosing Antique Black Sconces

Sep 12th
Wall Black Sconces
Wall Black Sconces

Black sconces for Homeowners often want to freshen up old items to make them new. But the new ones don’t always look new. Some updated items may look pretty old, or vintage. Vintage furnishings give a cozy feel to your home while giving it a new look. One place to start reusing old items is with lights. Everyone owns lamps, but some of them are very dated. You can antique a lamp for a few hours with the right tool.


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Remove the shadow and bulb from your lamp. Set the black sconces and lamp body aside to later. If necessary, dust your lampshade with a soft cloth. Draw a design on your lampshade with chalk. Make a series of long, vertical ovals that touch the sides with clusters of flowers inside. You can also draw two single roses on either side of the shade with leaves on both sides. Paint in your design with textile color, make sure your color is flat color, and not puff color. Use short, even stroke to cover your design.

Measure around the bottom of your lampshade. Cut a length of beaded marginal matches your registered number. Spray the body of your lamp light brass or silver, and be sure to coat the lamp completely. Allow the paint to harden for about two hours. Squeeze a dime-sized click black acrylic paint onto a soft cloth. Rub the cloth in a smooth up and down motion over your lamp. Make sure to get that color in the crevices. When covered, rub the lamp with a clean cloth, picking up most of the black color. A light, patina coating should remain. Allow the paint to dry overnight and assemble your antique lamp.

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